Fruit Set

Product Liquid : Fertilizer
Code number : 77169
Weight : 1litr
Duration of use 2 years
Compounds : Urea-Zinc Solfate-Boric Acid

Technical Descriptions

Foliar application of fruit set is done in order to decreasing premature fruit fall out and improvement of fruit trees on-off years. One of on-off years reason is early fall out of flowers before fertilization due to zinc and boron deficiency. Application of this fertilizer leads to decreasing flower fall out. This product contains nitrogen, zinc and boron and helps plant to save nutrients for next years. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plants which lead to improvement of plant growth and yield. Nitrogen presents in protein structure and since it is an important part of chlorophyll, it leads to photosynthesis improvement. Boron in plants plays role in formation of flower and leaf buds, seed and fruit formation, metabolism and transportation of sugars and carbohydrates. Zinc plays a major role in protein synthesis, starch synthesis enzymes production, metabolism, photosynthesis, and production of growth hormones.Elements which present in fruit set fertilizer (N, Zn and B) improve germination, pollen tube growth to reach to ovule and perform fertilization and lead to better flowering and seeding.Components such as amino acids and fulvic acid in this fertilizer are growth and root development stimulant and increase plant tolerance against environmental stresses. Deficiency symptoms of boron in plants results in twisting and spoon shape of leaves, hollow seed and less seed formation in clusters, which can be eliminate by application of this product in appropriate time (beginning of spring, bud swelling time).

Instructions for use

۲ to 3 litres in 1000 litres in the beginning of autumn

۲ to 2.5 litres in 1000 litres in the beginning of spring

More Information

Improvement of fruit formation in horticultural products economically is important. Early spring and late winter when soil temperature is low and leaves do not appear and sap flow in plants is slow, nourishing buds is very important because plants do not uptake nutrients properly. In this condition spraying fertilizer on fruit tree leaves is very useful to save required nutrients for growth of buds, flowering, and fruit formation. Application of fruit set results in the storage of important nutrients in fruit trees in their dormancy period in winter, therefore in germination period and plant waking up, biological activity (due to absence of leaves and low temperature) is not disrupted and plant can resist environmental factors such as cold, rain and hail and consequently flowering and fruit set is not disrupted. Presence of elements like nitrogen, zinc and boron in fruit set product helps plant to improve flowering, fruit formation and quality of agricultural products.


Guaranteed Parsing

B : 2%
Zn : 5%
N : 8%