Calcium chloride

Product : Freezes

Cod Number : 73323

Weight : 25 kg
Duration of use : 2years after production
Compounds : Calcium and chloride

Technical Descriptions

Calcium chloride is an icing agent and is completely soluble in water. For melting of ice, snow and dust control are used. It is used as antifreeze agent and water absorbent agent and humidity control in different parts. By spraying calcium chloride solid and liquid at the surface of the road, it prevents snow and ice adhesion. It can be used to freeze and eliminate snow and ice on all levels of roads, bridges, streets, public sidewalks and personal and roofs of homes. A 30% solution of calcium chloride resists up to about -51 ° C frost

Instructions for use

Instructions for use: Solids should be 30 to 40 g / m2 and fluid should be used with 30-32% solution. Consuming before the precipitation causes insufficiency and prevents the formation of ice on the surface of the road, sidewalk and street.

More Information

Calcium chloride plays an accelerating role in the production of agglomerated concrete. This chemical is first mixed with concrete water and then added to sand and cement mixtures. In this way, it is possible to use conventional cement with calcium chloride to make fast concrete. In this way, more resistance to erosion has it. Other uses of calcium chloride include: In the drilling of oil and petrochemical wells You are using pigments In the cooling industry, it is used as a dehumidifier

Guaranteed Parsing

Insoluble in water : 0.15%
Calcium Hydroxide : 0.2%
Electric conductivity in the extract : 5.38
Magnesium chloride : 0.5%
Sodium chloride : 5%
Calcium chloride : 94%
PH in 10% solution : 11-5.7