Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)

Product : De_Icer

Cod Number : 59993

Weight : 10kg
Duration of use : 2years after production
Compounds : CalciumMagnesiumAcetate

Technical Descriptions

CMA is a combination of calcium magnesium acetate. Initially, this chemical was considered as a great option for roads. The US National Highway Office in the late 1970s used this material. Since then it has been commercially tested and developed. CMA is currently world-class response to environmental issues as well as a solution to corrosive problems that make other similar cases.CMA is generally solid in solid form and is sprayed on surfaces. However, the CMA has a thermal effect and also has its own performance characteristics. For this, consumers should read this product’s guide. CMA can also be used in liquid form. Generally, it can be used to freeze roads and bridges. The liquid of this product prevents snow and ice from sticking to the surface during a storm

Instructions for use

Solids of 7.5 to 30 g / m2 and liquid from 25% solution. Consumption before precipitation does not cause adhesion and prevents the formation of ice on the road, sidewalk and street. In order to prepare a solution of 25%, it was necessary to mix 1.36 kg of CMA with 3.78 liters of water or one ton of product with 2780 liters of hot water

More Information

CMA is one of the safest ways to freeze roads and urban roads that reduce the damage of salt and is quite environmentally friendly. It does not have any chemical attack on concrete, and due to the lack of water cycle in concrete, Prevents its destruction.

Guaranteed Parsing

Particle size : 1-5
Special Weight : 0.7-1
Calcium magnesium acetate : 99%
Calcium Hydroxide : 0.2%
PH in 10% solution : 8-10
Insoluble in water : 1%