Complete organic fertilizer

Product : Organic Fertilizer
Cod Number : 59993
Weight : 50kg ± ۱۰۰g
Duration of use : 2 years
Compounds : Phosfate

Technical Descriptions

High capacity of water and nutrition holding (releases nutrients gradually over time)

Increases soil fertility

Increases rooting and root activity

Instructions for use

It depends on soil test and according to expert advice

More Information

Complete fertilizer which is used in agricultural lands accounts more than 95 % of all fertilizer use. This fertilizer is produced and used in granular form. It is suitable for all agricultural products but it is necessary to place fertilizer deeply before cultivation by plough in specific areas. In horticulture and saline soil complete macro fertilizer is used. But preferably, the advice for using this fertilizer should be based on the soil test. This fertilizer is applied before planting of seedlings into the hole or at the beginning of growth season as a basal fertilizer. It is also used in trees with yellow leaf symptoms similar to those of nitrogen and zinc deficiency. In addition, this fertilizer is also used for products that require high amount of potassium as a basal fertilizer.

Guaranteed Parsing

PH : 5.21
S : 10%
K : 5%
N : 5%
P : 5%
Organic Carbon : 12%