Copper nitrate

Product : Chemical Fertilizer
Cod Number 73323
Weight : 10 kg
Duration of use : 2years after production
Compounds : Copper-acetate

Technical Descriptions

Copper acetate is a dark blue crystalline chemical compound with the chemical formula Cu(CH3CO2)2 (H2O)2. Usually hydrated copper acetate is sold as fertilizer which has two water molecules in its molecular structure. Anhydrous copper acetate is dark green.

Instructions for use

Consumption varies depending on the type of plant and soil conditions.

More Information

Copper acetate is commonly used as fungicide or as a green pigment. Copper acetate is also used as a reagent or catalyst for the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds. Copper acetate, like all other copper compounds, produces light blue flame.

Guaranteed Parsing

Cu : 22%