Sulfur granular organic fertilizer

Product Organic : Fertilizer

Cod Number: 59993

Weight : 50kg ± ۱۰۰g
Duration of use : 2 years
Compounds : Sulfur

Technical Descriptions

Elimination of sulfur deficiency in plant

pH amendment in alkaline and calcareous soils

Decreasing nitrate accumulation in agricultural products

Gradual disinfection of soil and contributing to the environment health and reducing the consumption of chemical pesticides

Sulfur in nature cycle affects soil and plant and leads to plant growth

Instructions for use

Granular organic fertilizer uses:

Applicable in crops, vegetables and horticultural products Due to the presence of microelements in this fertilizer, application of it is beneficial for greenhouse, garden and ornamental plants

It depends on plant type and soil test

More Information

On one hand deficiency of nutrient elements in agricultural lands and the other hand calcareousness of soil has led to significant reduction in the potential of agricultural products. Organic matter is an important part of soil fertility. These materials by improving soil physical, chemical and biological properties play important roles in increasing nutrient elements for plants. High value of pH in calcareous soils is one of important factors which decrease microelements availability in soil. To deal with this phenomenon substances that have acidic properties can be used such as sulfur. Sulfur by reducing soil pH, is able to increase microelements uptake and eliminate fungal diseases in soil. Application of organic matter with sulfur accelerates biological oxidation of sulfur. This fertilizer by using modern technology and after numerous scientific researches has been produced in accordance with soil characteristics and various agricultural products. It is hoped that using this fertilizer leads to increasing quality and quantity of various agricultural products and maintain soil, plant, animal and human health.

Guaranteed Parsing

PH : 5.99
Organic Carbon : 15%
S : 20%