Zinc nitrate

Product : Chemical Fertilizer

Cod Number : 73323

Weight : 10 kg
Duration of use : 2years after production
Compounds : Zinc and nitrite acid

Technical Descriptions

Zinc element is required for protein synthesis enzymes, glucose metabolism, synthesis of auxin hormones, osmotic pressure regulation, increasing of photosynthesis and production of reproductive organs in plants. Zinc deficiency causes little-leaf, and disruption of flowering and fruiting. Nitrogen is essential for growth of all plants and uptake of nitrogen in the form of nitrate is quickly. Simultaneous usage of zinc and nitrogen causes increase in zinc uptake by plant. Since both elements are necessary for protein synthesis, protein synthesis increases.

Instructions for use

More Information

Other uses and applications of zinc nitrate:

Zinc nitrate uses in industry for production of various polymers. It is also used for production of various zinc oxide structures and as a corrosive agent in dyeing.

Guaranteed Parsing

Zn : 22%
N : 44%