Magnesium chloride


Product : Magnesium chloride De_Icer

Cod Number : 59993

Weight : 25Kg

Duration of use : 2years after production
Compounds : magnesium-chloride

Technical Descriptions

Magnesium chloride is an antifreeze substance and is completely water soluble. It is used for melting ice and snow and controlling dust.

It is used as concrete antifreeze and water absorbent and controlling of moisture. By spraying magnesium chloride in solid and liquid form at the surface of the road, it prevents the adhesion of snow and ice. This material can be used to antifreeze and eliminate ice and snow on all surfaces such as roads, bridges, streets and sidewalks and roof s of houses. A 25% solution of magnesium chloride can approximately resist up to -33 centigrade degree against freezing.

Instructions for use

In the form of solid, apply 30 to 40 grams per square metre and apply a 20 to 25 % solution of liquid form. Application before precipitation leads to lack of adhesion of snow and prevents of ice formation on the surface of roads, streets and sidewalks.

More Information

Due to the fact that magnesium chloride is moisture absorbent, dust controlling, and sand fixing are most important functions of this chemical. By spreading magnesium chloride on the soil surface this substance absorbs air moisture and causes soil particles to adhere to each other and fix.

Second important function of this chemical is snow and ice controlling. Thus in the cold areas by applying this product on frozen surfaces, decreases melting point of ice. Anhydrous magnesium chloride is used in magnesium metal production. Magnesium chloride has other functions such as: fertilizer, animal feed, sewage treatment, wall panels, paper industry, textile industry and etc.Magnesium Chloride solution, in combination with magnesium oxide, forms a hard material known as Sorel Cement.

Guaranteed Parsing

Magnesium chloride

potassium : 0/05%

Insoluble in water : 0/15%
Sodium : 0/05%
Calcium : 0/05%
Magnesium chloride : 94%
PH in 10% solution : 8-10