Potassium acetate

Product : Freezes
Weight : 220lit
Duration of use : 2years after production
Compounds : Potassium & acetate

Technical Descriptions

Potassium acetate is a freeze-dried substance and is completely soluble in water. High safety for various uses and in accordance with American Standard 1435 for use at airports. The best freeze material is the ability to use at very low temperatures and has a lower slip rating than glycolic compounds. Low temperature degradation has a very low BOD, no urea, chlorine, sodium and no harm to fish, animals and plants. Used for melting ice and water. By spraying potassium acetate in solid and liquid at the surface of the road, snow and ice adhesion is prevented. It can be used to freeze and eliminate snow and ice on all levels of roads, bridges, streets, public sidewalks and personal and roofs of homes. A solution of 50% acetate resists to about -60 ° C frost resistance.

Instructions for use

At a temperature of 0 ° C, 50 g / m2 of 50% potassium acetate solution should be used at a temperature below 12 ° C (150 g / m2). To avoid frosting, use 25 grams per square meter before snowfall. Consumption before precipitation does not work and prevent the formation of ice on the road, sidewalk and street.

More Information

Potassium acetate is used in 3 states:

prevention Prior to the onset of precipitation on dry land, use this material to act as a prevention agent for freezing. Antifreeze The best time to use this material is during snowfall, which acts as an antifreeze and absorbs snow and evaporates and prevents freezing. Freezing When the snow is accumulated, this material is also efficient and causes melting of ice and snow. It should be noted that by dispersing this solution only the surface of the ice does not melt, but this solution will break down the snow molecules and go over to the layer Infiltrate the bottom and cause it to melt, it also prevents its re-freezing.