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The Sazehaye Yadnegar(Sinco) company,was registered in Tehran in 2003 with the registration number 208273 and formally started its activities. Sinco Company designs and implements the expertise of highly skilled and scientific elites and the use of expert……


Liquid sulfur

One of the important rules of sulfur in plants is its involvement in many enzymatic activities as well as its presence in the chemical structure of many amino acids such as methionine and cysteine as well as volatile fragrance compounds in plants like garlic, onion and mustard. Oil production and improvement of fruit quality are the other rules of this element in plants. Also sulfur has fungicide property and eliminates powdery mildew disease. This element by increasing solubility of phosphorus decreases the use of phosphorus fertilizers. Sulfur involves in the formation of chlorophyll, thiamine, biotin, frodoxin (which leads to sulfate and nitrate reduction), glutathione and coenzyme A and increases plant resistant to diseases, drought and cold and prevents nitrate accumulation in plant tissues. Sulfur roles in increasing onion, fodder corn, cotton and oil seeds yield has been reported extensively.

Zinc sulfate

Zinc sulfate is a zinc-rich and completely soluble in water. Quick removal of zinc deficiency in plants is used. The fertilizer is completely dry and can be used without any residues in water and can be used in all irrigation systems. The element Zinc is needed to make hormones of growth, chlorophyll and carbohydrates. Among the main micro nutrients, sulfate has many benefits. Green or yellow in young leaves or burned stains in the mid range veins in relatively old leaves. Significant bruising on fruit trees causes fruits to fall during their evolution. Zinc sulfate reduces soil pH due to sulfur, and in The result is a better absorption of micro nutrients by roots.

Full fertilizer

Full fertilizer 20-20-20 is suitable for horticultural and crop products and is used in plant growth stages. This fertilizer has the main nutritional elements of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. It also contains the micronutrients of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, Boron, etc. Given the fact that this chlorine-free fertilizer is unlikely to occur, there is no possibility of poisoning in the plant and chlorine leaves and is also very suitable for saline soils. There are 3 forms of urea (10%), nitrate (6%) and ammonium (4%) in this nitrogen fertilizer. Therefore, at an appropriate time after fertilization, the element is absorbed by the plant and the absorption efficiency increases.


Increasing the resistance of plants to early spring frosting – Increasing the resistance of citrus, olive and all types of plants such as almonds and pistachios to colds and frost and preventing the bitterness of these plants. Increasing the resistance of plants such as apricots, cherries and plums to early spring- Improving nutritional status of plants – increasing flowering, fruit production and improving plant performance.


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